dean_deluca Dean&Deluca in NYC

My name is Anne, I am 38, married , 2 daughters.

You must wonder “she’s French , why a blog in English ?”.

First, I was raised in an americanophile family. Don’t ask me why my parents were obsessed with the USA; I have no idea. But now they have a good reason to go to the US every year : they visit my twin brother who, contaminated by their “I Love the USA” virus, decided to emigrate to California when he was 19 ! Now at the age of 38,  he has spent half his life there !!

Second reason : I have many English-speaking friends and part of my husband’s family is living  in San Jose, California. They emigrated from France some 25 or 30 years ago.I thought it would be nice to share my passions with them and with anyone who, like me, loves to cook and travel.

As for me, I am aware my English is not perfect. So I apologize in advance for the many mistakes you will find in my blog. But I like to think that it is part of my charm ! (wink !wink !)

While my written english is “OK” , my spoken one is totally hilarious : I could have been married to Inspecteur Clouzot from “Zee Peenk Pantter”. Alas, I think I am too old now to get rid of that accent...