26 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part VII

A cake with the local blackberries, un cake avec les mûres locales. Blackberry Cake For 8 servings : 7 oz all purpose flour + some for the pan 7 oz unsalted butter + some to grease the pan 7 oz granulated sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar 4 eggs 2 larges handfuls blackberries, cleaned 1 tablespoon  baking powder 1 pinch of salt Some gooseberries to decorate Preheat oven 350°F. Butter and flour a 9 by 5 in- loaf pan, if not made with silicon. Melt the butter over medium power... [Lire la suite]
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24 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part VI

Une spécialité locale - A local specialty The "mégevan" (the name of Megève's inhabitants) is a pastry exclusively created at "Au Père Sottieu". It consists of a raspberry tartlet covered with half a hazelnut macaron. Who is tempted to re-create the recipe at home ? Le "mègevan" est une pâtisserie à tomber qui consiste en une tartelette aux framboises recouverte d'une moitié de macaron aux noisettes. Créée exclusivement au "Père Sottieu" à Megève. Tenté(e) de recréer la recette à... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part V

Symphonie Florale... Floral Symphony... Even if one does not have a gardener's soul (in our Parisian home, it is my husband who takes care of the flowers and I really wonder what he whispers to them to make them feel so happy...but that's another story !!), one can't help being fascinated by the abundance of flowers everywhere in the small villages of the French Alps. It is so amazing that I wanted to share some floral souvenirs with you... Même si l'on n'est pas fasciné par les fleurs ( Sur notre terrasse parisienne,... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part IV

A short visit to Turin, Italy - Une petite visite de Turin, Italie As one member of our party had a business meeting in Turin, we decided to go with him and enjoy everything Italy has to offer : wonderful gelati, the best cappuccini served with tiny pastries coated with melted sugar, pastas from another world and ...shopping ! Turin is not the nicest Italian City but it has its own charm, especially the center with its beautiful shops under old arcades. A walk on the borders of the Po River is also a must-do. And most important, it... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part III

A simple fruity Salad : shrimp, watermelon, melon and peach salad Une salade très fruitée : Salade de crevettes, pastèque, melon et pêches A fresh and healthy Salad : Just some cooked shrimps (shelled), Watermelon and melon dices and peach slices.Some salad greens are also a good addition.Bon appétit ! Une salade saine et fraîche : quelques dés de pastèque et melon, une pêche coupée en fines tranches et des crevettes cuites. Une petite salade verte (ici de la frisée) pour le croustillant, quelques tours de moulin à... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part II

Lunch at l'Auberge du Christomet, Megève. A wonderful restaurant with a scenic view on the infamous Montblanc mountain. Customers here are pampered from the aperitif taken in the garden with sunchairs and beds, through the café. The food is simple but good : we had a seafood marmite, a sauteed veal and a Steak Tartare. Kids can even enjoy the small wood swimming pool. You can easily spend a full day there.So close to heaven... Un repas merveilleux dans un cadre unique avec vue imprenable sur le Mont-Blanc. Ici les clients... [Lire la suite]
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16 juillet 2007

Summer Food in the French Alps, part I

I am currently in the French Alps for 2 weeks. I arrived last thursday and the weather has been fantastic so far. I will try to send some "blog-cards" from time to time. Not an easy task though as I have no Internet access and have to go to a cyber café. Here are some pictures of the village (taken by yours truly) I am staying at (Megève). Enjoy !! Je suis en Haute-Savoie depuis jeudi dernier : temps superbe, région magnifique...Je vais essayer de vous envoyer quelques "cartes bloggales" (mon dieu que ce mot... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2007

Des baby-burgers de mon enfance, pour l’apéro ! Baby burgers snacks from my childhood !

Little « burger » snacks with Tuna and Preserved Lemon PastePetits Feuilletés « burger » à la pâte de Thon et Citron Confit When I was a kid, my family used to drive from Paris to the South of France every year in early july. It was a 10 hour drive, my 3 brothers and I were packed like sardines on the rear seats and this journey was a real nightmare (did I mention that my father’s car had no air conditioning ?) except for one thing : lunch break !! Ah, it was the best moment, for we could both... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2007

Des restes de Tiramisu transformés en un nouveau dessert ! Tiramisu leftovers transformed into a new dessert !

     Do you remember my apricot tiramisu of last week ? Well, I had apricots and mascarpone cream left and I had to make another dessert for the following day, for a small number of guests. After a short brainstorming in my bath, "eureka", I found a new recipe idea, much lighter than another tiramisu again : so what do you think of my little apricots and rosemary skewers, served with a mascarpone/amaretto cream in a tiny vodka glass ???By the way, did you know that rosemary was excellent to... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2007

Lunch at "Le Pré Catelan"

Date of Lunch : mid-june 2007 Résumé en français : Cadre magnifique, service impeccable et sympatique, plats à tomber à la renverse. Un moment d'exception pour une addition qui peut être "raisonnable" si l'on vient pour le déjeuner en semaine. Vivement recommandé pour une occasion particulière  (nous y étions pour notre anniversaire de mariage). The Chef Fréderic Anton has started his career with Gérard Boyer at les Crayères, then he became Joel Robuchon’s Chef de Cuisine. He’s been Le Pré... [Lire la suite]
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