30 mars 2008

Daring Bakers : le Gâteau de Fête idéal, The perfect Party Cake

Green tea and Chocolate Party Cake, English custard Gâteau de Fête au Thé Vert et au Chocolat, Crème anglaise Perfect ? That’s what Dorie Greenspan says. But for my part, I consider mine as totally un-perfect. From what I understood reading the recipe and seeing some great pictures from other Daring Bakers, it was supposed to be…high…I don’t know what happened but my cakes did not rise enough. One of the circles was so flat that I could not cut it thickwise, so I found myself with three circles instead... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2008

Déjeuner savoureux chez « Le Temps au Temps, a tasty lunch at « Le Temps au Temps »

Date of lunch : march 2008. Résumé en français Un restau grand comme un mouchoir de poche, des clients un peu entassés à la « va comme j’te pousse », mais c'est assez amusant. On ne vient pas ici pour le confort mais pour se régaler et de ce côté, le contrat est pleinement rempli : une cuisine créative mais pas trop, et surtout très fine et goûteuse. Chaque plat est parfaitement exécuté, les cuissons et les assaisonnements très bien maîtrisés. C'est un nouveau Chef, Denis Sabarots, qui est aux fourneaux depuis fin janvier... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2008

Caserecce aux Foies de Volaille, Tomates Séchées et Oignons Rouges /Chicken Livers, Red Onions and sundried Tomatoes Caserecce

Ma, you don’t know « caserecce » ? Mamma mia, non e possibile !  Caserrecce are a variety of long, slightly curled pasta. They are particularly good with meat-based sauces. I bought them last year in Italy, but I am quite sure that you will be able to find them at Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s or your local Italian grocery shop. What about the origins of pasta ? Let me take advantage of this post to “kill a myth” : No, Marco Polo did not import pasta from China. Actually, maybe he did, but pasta were not... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2008

Ouf, la fin de ma maca-lédiction! Phew, the end of my “mac-adversity”!

…And a great way to celebrate Macaron Day ! For those of you who do not know about « Macaron Day », let me explain it briefly : it is an annual event created by Pierre Hermé 3 years ago to celebrate the arrival of Spring, on March 20th. At his flagship boutique as well as at a hundred bakeries (“relais-dessert” affiliated bakeries) in France, anyone can have a free macarons tasting session. But the most important is that a special red macaron is created for this occasion, at the price of one euro, and the money goes... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2008

Mini-cheesecakes Framboises et Mangue, Raspberry and Mango mini-cheesecakes

First, sorry for the bad-quality pictures. When I take pictures when it is dark outside (and sometimes I have no choice), I have to use artificial light and the result comes out…ugly. My favorite kind of cheesecake is the white, creamy, soft one. You know, when the top is not golden, it even seems it has not been baked at all. Indeed, I was very surprised when I found out some years ago that they were actually baked, and more than 45 minutes !! But it seemed that the oven low temperature was enough to set the filling ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mars 2008

Beignets aux Abricots Secs et au Rhum, Sauce Chocolat, Apricot and Rum Fritters, Chocolate Sauce

Friday evening update : out of town for the week-end, see you on tuesday ! Each time I go to the USA (and you know now that I cross the Atlantic Ocean at least once a year, twice on lucky years), I love to bring back American food magazines. They are so different from their French « counterparts »: while we favor gorgeous pictures, the US foodzines have so many articles to actually read. It takes me a week to go through an issue of “Bon Appétit” or “Food&Wine”, while I am finished with my “Elle à Table” or “Régal”... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2008

My Daring Bakers Challenges

Hi everyone ! I will be back march 9th. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to use my "blog-it express"  engine (right column) to browse my blog ! Below, some pictures of my Daring Bakers Challenges. If you click on a picture, you will be directed to the recipe.See you soon, I will miss you ! Bonjour à Tous ! Je suis absente jusqu'au 9 mars, mais en attendant, n'hésitez pas à utiliser mon "blog-it express" (colonne de droite) pour explorer mon blog à loisir. Ci-dessous, quelques photos de mes Défis "Daring... [Lire la suite]
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