30 avril 2009

Le Nougat de mon enfance/Crunchy Nougat from my Childhood

Nougat à l'ancienne aux amandes, pignons et sésameAlmond, Pine Nut and Sesame Old-fashioned Nougat When I saw this recipe on Flo's foodblog, I felt immediately overwhelmed with emotion : her old-fashioned nougats (which are actually closer to caramel ) were totally similar to my grandmother's ones when I was a kid ! Many wonderful memories from my childhood suddenly resurfaced : my primary school was a stone-throw from my Mémé Yvonne's cute little apartment and my twin brother and myself used to take our after-school snack... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2009

Daring bakers : Say Cheese...cake ! Dîtes Cheese...cake !

Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake, Strawberry CoulisCheesecake au Thé Vert Matcha, Coulis de Fraises I love the Daring Bakers Challenge ! Why ? I always learn something new. Take this month's challenge, for example : Cheesecake. I had made dozens of them, but cooked in a waterbath ? never. It was interesting, even though I could not help keeping an eye on the oven, because I was so scared some water would sip in the cheesecake pan. Why did I choose green tea ? Because of this recipe, from a beautiful french foodblog. I immediately... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

Tartelettes "comme un air de Provence", Tartelettes with a Provence flair

Tartelettes aux tomates et poivrons grillés, Citrons Confits et RougetsTomato and bellpepper Tartlets with Red Mullets and Preserved Lemons Can someone tell me if Spring has finally made its official arrival ? Rather than playing "hide and seek" with our nerves, it would be greatly appreciated if we could have pleasant temperatures a bit longer than three days in a row. So my dear spring season, it is really time to finally go to work ! At least, the great thing when you cook is that you can make sunny dishes whatever... [Lire la suite]
17 avril 2009

Pas peu fière III…la Dacquoise Citron Vert de Christophe Felder, Quite proud of myself III…Christophe Felder’s Lime Dacquoise

Or how to end Passover with a touch of class...Ou comment rompre Pessah avec classe... Actually, the first part of the "end of Passover" meal looks more like a pique-nique party with mediterranean flavors than a festive dinner : the tradition is to have sandwiches made with italian bread specially bought in Belleville, a popular part of Paris, and stuffed with sophisticated ingredients (!) like canned tuna in olive oil, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, black olives and of course a home-made "slata mechouia", a... [Lire la suite]
01 avril 2009

Petits pains au choc' maison ! Home-made little "pains au chocolat"

Pains au Chocolat MaisonHome made Pains au Chocolat With Passover approaching, I am seizing the opportunity to use my last grams of flour before the BIG Passover Cleaning, which objective is to literrally eradicate all tracks of flour or yeast in one's house.Well, I have to confess that my very own version of Passover cleaning is ahem...a "light" one, but, well, still quite time-consuming and back-breaking. So, what did I do ? Home-made Pains au chocolat ! Yummy ! Quite an exercice of patience actually, but really... [Lire la suite]
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