28 mai 2009

Back from New York, Cheese Popovers today ! De retour de New York avec des Cheese Popovers !

May 2009 update : this post has been first published in february 2008, but as I am just back from another fabulous week-end in the Big Apple, I thought it would be great to let you know again about this to-die-for New York recipe. Just need some time to recover from jet-lag...Contrarily to what you might think, BLT are not, in today’s post, the three letters for « Bacon Lettuce Tomato » but for « Bistrot Laurent Tourondel », or how a young French Chef has become the king of a gastronomic empire in the USA. 5 Restaurants in... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2009

"Brioches Nid d'abeille" à butiner sans modération ! "Honeycomb Brioches" for your sweet little bees !

Petites brioches au Miel et AmandesHoney and Almond Small Brioches Give me the opportunity to choose between a good "Mom and Pop" Cassoulet and a Pierre Hermé dazzling dessert, I would pick the first one without any hesitation. Not that I don't like PH's cakes, but I really am a "bec salé" as we say here, meaning that I enjoy savory dishes much more than sweet ones. I know this is not obvious when you ramble through my foodblog : I LOVE to make desserts, but devoring them is another story. Am I weird ?... [Lire la suite]
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07 mai 2009

L'Italie tout simplement...Simply Italy...

Tarte Ricotta, Pignons et Menthe FraîcheRicotta, Pine Nuts and Fresh Mint Tart I simply wanted something fresh, easy to make and exotic. Mint is, by far, my favorite fresh herb, this explains why I am so fond of Thaï Cuisine which uses armfuls of them ! But today, we are not going that far, we will stay in the Mediterranean Coast with unctuous Italian Ricotta, crunchy roasted pine nuts and of course ultra-fresh Mint. A classic but terrific "ménage à trois", hehe ! Mamma Mia, I swear I could have eaten the whole tart... [Lire la suite]
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