25 juin 2009

Recyclez des prunes pas au top dans un Clafoutis ! Plums second chance in a Clafoutis !

Clafoutis aux Prunes de la RégaladeLa Régalade's Plum Clafoutis Actually, this recipe cannot be found at "La Régalade"; it comes from one of Chef Bruno Doucet's friends. I felf I had to rectify as I would not want to be responsible for a big misunderstanding if ever you came to have lunch or dinner there and asked, in vane, for this great dessert ! A slightly different version from the traditional one with cherries, and it was a great way for me to use my "too acid for my taste" plums. I bought them... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2009

Step by Step : How to slow-roast Tomatoes ? Comment confire des Tomates ?

This cooking method is an amazing "natural" flavour enhancer. Not to be confused with sun-dried tomatoes which one can easily find on greenmarket stalls or even in jars in supermarkets. No, here, we are talking of tomatoes dry on the outside but still wet in the inside.The taste is close to tomato paste, it is incredible.I like to make them plain (no salt, pepper, nor dried herbs) so I can season them later, by batches, according to their future usage.And, most importantly, I peel them : even if that seems tedious and time-consuming... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2009

Fast and Economical : Street Food in New York City ! Rapide et pas cher : Street Food à New York !

New York is a city where it is easy to grab food in the street, because of  the abundance of  vendors selling not only giant pretzels or Hot Dogs, but also full meals from different origins : asian, east european, middle eastern, mexican and so on...Some of them have also gone upscale : Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May's BBQ USA has a cart specialized in chili and pork sandwiches, and Danny Meyer, the famous owner of such reknowned restaurants like Union Square café and Gramercy Tavern, has opened the Shake Shack... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2009

Pique-nique à Central Park après une visite chez Katz's et chez Rice To Riches ! A visit to Katz's deli and Rice to Riches !

Our second time in New York City during Memorial Day week-end and each time, we have been blessed by the weather's gods with a glorious sun !  As it was not too hot, it was ze perfect weather for a picnic in Central Park ! On sunday morning, after a very long stroll in Chinatown, Little Italy (Mulberry street closed to traffic, what a great idea), we made it to Nolita, Rice to Riches,  where we took away some rice puddings for our picnic. Then, we walked again towards Lower East Side for our "main... [Lire la suite]
05 juin 2009

Mini-sandwiches sucrés très rafraîchissants ! Very refreshing mini sweet sandwiches !

Sandwiches de Madeleines au Beurre Noisette et à  la RoseRose and Browned Butter Madeleine Sandwich Cookies It is incredible how a small detail can litterally transform a recipe ! I am not a beginner for baking madeleines, but it was the first time I used browned butter for the batter instead of simply melted one.And you know what, it drastically changes the taste ! I could not believe my eyes, ooops, my tongue ! Carameley and nutty were the flavors that came to mind first.The idea of making mini-sandwiches comes from Ms... [Lire la suite]
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