30 septembre 2010

Pain perdu...pas pour tout le monde ! A La French...Toasts !

Brioche perdue à l'ananas caramélisé Briochey French Toasts with caramelized pineapple Your attention, please : this dessert is very very gourmand. And the presence of pineapple that was supposed to make me feel less guilty is really a bad excuse: caramelized and served with salted butter, it is not really what one could call a diet dessert...welcome to culinary decadence ... I also take the opportunity of this post  to apologize for my more than sporadic presence on my blog. I have plenty to say, I cook quite a lot, but... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2010

My Mum's "polpettoni", Les "Polpettoni" de ma Mère

Surprisingly enough, this recipe is part of my very fond childhood memories even though my mother has no Italian origins… Ah, the mysteries of recipes travelling around the world and being transmitted within generations…Originally, polpettoni are meatloafs made with ground beef and herbs and cut into slices before serving them. But in my family, the traditional version has long been replaced by large round meatballs, stuffed with hard boiled eggs. Yummm, to die for, and enjoyed by both adults and little gourmet kids. We... [Lire la suite]
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