11 septembre 2008

Mon Top 10 gourmand dans les Cyclades...My gourmet Top 10 in the Cyclades

A Santorin 1- Les chaussons Feta, Miel, Sésame de l'ArchipelagosFeta cheese, Honey and Sesame pastries at the Archipelagos restaurant. Left : Archipelagos restaurant by night, Fira.Guess who's the woman with the little girl ? Archipelagos restaurant in Fira is one of our favourites in Santorini. We could not wait to have another amazing experience there and we were not disappointed. The food was still good, two years later and the service friendly. I particularly enjoyed those greek cheese, honey and sesame... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2008

Oubliez la grisaille, suivez-moi, je vous emmène à Santorin...

Forget the rainy weather, follow me, I'm taking you to Santorini Island... Santorini and I, a love story that started two years ago by a totally unexpected "love at first sight".As soon as I disembarked from the high speed boat which had departed from Crete, I had the feeling that I had found a place often visited in my night dreams. We are well travelled people, and we don't like to visit the same destination more than once, but last summer, we were missing Santorini too much. We had to go back, it was a physical need.... [Lire la suite]
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13 avril 2008

Evasion à Santorin, Escape to Santorini

White and blue traditional houses contrasting with both the sea and the sky, breathtaking perspectives, medieval villages full of history, warm hospitality from the locals even at the peak of the touristy season… Add to this a pinch of mystery (Santorini might have been the famous Atlantis, before a volcanic eruption partially destroyed the island some 1500 years BC) and a flavorful local gastronomy ((when well-prepared), and you will obtain a heavenly place which we fell totally in love with, two years ago. No wonder why we... [Lire la suite]
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