11 janvier 2007

Back from the Past III, A visit to the Farmer's Market

In Megève, the Market takes place every Friday, very close to the heart of the village. Food shopping at this market is a real pleasure, the salespersons are actually the ones who have made the produces and they are sooo nice ! Speaking with them is never a problem even though they have many clients to take care of, they are always very smiling and of course they know -ahem- they are in love with their produces. You almost feel guilty to separate them !! I apologize for the bad quality photos, they were taken with my... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2007

Back from the Past II, A restaurant review

As has been said in my last post, Megève is full of very good restaurants, the most difficult task is to pick one ! We were 6 adults that evening and we all wanted to have an authentic experience : we were craving for real "comfort" food, that is to say veeery rich, in a warm atmosphere, you know, with walls covered with dark wood, rustic furnitures, red and white checkered tablecloth, plenty of bibelots and of course the unmissable old-fashioned paintings. You know what ? We found it !! "Le Torrent" had... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2007

Back from the Past !

                                                         Finally, I am back ! After 2 weks in Megève, a small ski resort in the French Alps. Why this title : “Back from the Past” ? First, because during 14 loooong days, I had no computer neither Internet access there and I really felt like I was living in the 19th century ! ... [Lire la suite]
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