13 décembre 2007

Noël Anglais Part III : Foie Gras pané à l’Indienne et Chutney de Mangue, British Christmas part III : Indian Style Foie Gras

                                                                  Left : Food Hall at Harrod's, London I could not decently propose to you a British Christmas without mentioning Indian Gastronomy, which, according to some restaurant critics, has been the only decent food in Great-Britain until very recently... [Lire la suite]
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11 décembre 2007

Noël Anglais Part II : les bouchées apéritives, British Christmas part II : Finger Food

Finger sandwiches : Cucumber & cream cheese / egg & chivesMini blinis with Scottish Smoked salmon and horseradish sour creamStilton and Porcini Mushroom bite-size pies  Mini sandwiches : Concombre & St moret / oeufs & cibouletteMini blinis et Saumon Fumé d’EcosseMini tartelettes au fromage Stilton et Cèpes     I am lucky enough to spend all my Christmas vacations in the French Alps, in my parents’ warm and cozy chalet. I particularly enjoy that moment, when, you know, on the 24th of December, we... [Lire la suite]
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08 décembre 2007

Noël Anglais part I, le Cocktail : Bellini à la Grenade /British Christmas part I , The Cocktail : Pomegranate Bellini

  Left : Christmas window at Fortnum&Mason. Click to enlarge. Still in a « London State of Mind »… I think I am having a serious PLD (Post London Depression). As a remedy, I have decided to celebrate a British Christmas. Menus and decorations will be of English Inspiration (with a slight french twist, If I may do so). So, if you are whether a London addict or just interested in this theme, keep an eye on my blog on the next few days : you will learn everything you always wanted to know about…festive UK food. I am... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2007

Tiramisu aux marrons glacés / Candied chesnuts Tiramisu,

A recipe that has already been posted (in february 2007), but it is so good and so seasonal that I wanted  you  to have an opportunity to see it if you were not a reader of my blog at that time...OK, OK, the real reason is that I am just back from a fabulous week-end in London and my soul and heart are still there : too busy thinking of the wonderful moments we had to cook !!! Une recette publiée en... [Lire la suite]
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30 novembre 2007

Muffins au Lemon Curd et Fraises Séchées /Lemon Curd and Dried Strawberry Muffins

When you read these lines, I will be in London for a 4-day stay. And it is in the honor of this amazing city (which warmly hosted me for 6 months when I was a student in 1989-90), that I have made this recipe of British Inspiration. Hard to believe, but I haven’t set foot in London for 15 years (and it is only 2 hours by train from Paris!!). Why ? It is all my hubby’s fault : At the age of 11, he had the bad luck of being hosted for a week by a rather sadistic British family. Poor A. is still upset by these... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2007

Mon premier « Daring Bakers » Challenge ! My very first « Daring Bakers » Challenge !

Tender Potato bread/Pain à la pomme de terre :Linseeds Six-strand Braided loaf /Pain tressé à six branches aux graines de linOnion marmalade and coarse herbs sea salt Focaccia/Focaccia au confit d'oignon et gros sel aux herbesPoppy seeds dinner rolls/Petits pains aux graines de pavot  I am a brand new member of the Daring Bakers. When I got registered lat month and received the email announcing the new challenge, I totally panicked ahem- got a bit anxious! Tender Potato Bread! But I had... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2007

Kougelhopf perdu aux Clémentines poêlées et Coulis de Nougat/French toast Kougelhopf with sautéed Clementines and Nougat Coulis

At least, I can say that I have made the most of my last post’s kougelhopf !! After we all had a great sunday afternoon snack with it, and despite all my efforts to wrap it properly in plastic film, I could not help but notice that it was already stale the next tuesday !! Not at all a problem for me !! I immediately thought of “pain perdu” (French toast). Despite its homey, comfy, oldie image, this brioche can easily be transformed into a “très chic” and “très branché” (hip) dessert if you accompany it with sauteed... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2007

Véritable kougelhopf alsacien ou une sacrée leçon de patience…kougelhopf like in Alsace or how to learn to be patient…

When on travel, I turn into a very naive person. I am the best client for touristy gadgets!! China cereal bowls with one’s name on it in Brittany, ugly wooden barometers in Normandy (yes, very useful in Paris!), and so on. So when in Alsace two weeks ago, how could I resist the attraction of the ceramic kougelhopf molds? There were so many of them everywhere, in every color!! Conclusion: If I had known, I would have thought twice before buying it! My god, what a punishment for me, the non-patient girl!! Let me explain... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2007

Un Curry Indien pour « un garçon convenable », An Indian Curry for “a suitable boy”

Even though my husband is a great guy, and contrarily to what you -perhaps- have thought while reading my post’s title, this recipe is not dedicated to him. In fact, “A suitable boy” is a book I am currently reading and enjoying a lot. It is the story of Lata, a young Indian girl living in Brahmpur (near Calcutta) whose mother, a widow, is obsessed in finding a "suitable boy" for her. But the Novel, wonderfully written by Vikram Seth, is not only about the disobedient young girl and all her tricks to escape... [Lire la suite]
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02 novembre 2007

Gâteau aux Noisettes, Pralin et Eclats de Toblerone, Hazelnut, Praline and Toblerone Chip Cake

This recipe was made just after I realized how tired I was to see my daughters eat factory-made cakes and biscuits. Unfortunately, I am the person responsible for that, because I am the food shopper in the family. So, I have just promised myself that, in order to protect their good health and palate, I will stop buying those junk-cakes and bake at least 2 home-made cakes per week. Not sure that will be a good thing for their figure, but at least I have a total control on the ingredients. Will I keep my promise? Of... [Lire la suite]
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