31 mars 2007

Blanc de Poulet Farcis en Feuilletés, Stuffed Chicken Breasts Pastries

This recipe is one of the first I posted on my blog. It was more than 3 months ago (already!) and I thought it deserved more than the few readers I had at that time. So I decided to post it again, with the hope that more people will have the chance to enjoy it. It is a very very easy recipe, that will delight your guests' eyes and palates. I learnt this recipe during a cooking class at "L'Atelier de Fred" more than 2 years ago. Since the day we first met, Fred has become a TV star thanks to his show "les Nouveaux... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2007

Petits Coulants au chocolat Noir, Individual Fudgy Dark Chocolate Cakes

Soufflés aux 3 fromages Dos de cabillaud en crumble de pain d'épices  Mini-coulants au Chocolat, Coulis de Mangues Fraîches  Voici le dernier menu concoté par mes soins pour mes invités. L'entrée et le plat ont déjà été publiés sur mon blog (il n'y a qu'à cliquer dessus pour les recettes détaillées), mais je vous livre la recette des mini-coulants au chocolat et coulis de mangue fraîche. La petite astuce, afin que l' intérieur... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2007

Le Crab Cake revisité de Caroline Rostang, My very own version of Caroline Rostang’s Crab Cake

You might remember that, in my last post, I promised  a savory and diet recipe ? Well, it seems that I only half-fulfilled my contract with this Crab Cake recipe, which is not exactly “light” . Oh, Come on, let’s forget diet for a second, especially when it is freezing outside ! During winter, one’s body needs extra calories, non ?  Caroline Rostang is the daughter of Michelin starred Chef Michel Rostang, and now not only has she got her own restaurants, but she is also the (scary) hostess of a French TV... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2007

Retour aux basiques : Tarte aux Pommes Amandine, Back to basics : Almond and Apple Tart !

But what's wrong with me ? I have been craving for comfort (translate : simple and high-calories) food for the last couple of weeks ! Is it our current wintry spring following our "spring-like" winter that turns me upside down ? So, after the chocolate madeleines, let me introduce you to my classic Apple and Almonds Tart. I have been making this tart for years, long before I was even able to cook a proper meal. I promise that my next post will be more "reasonable" and...savory ! Mais que m'arrive t'il ? En... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2007

L’Histoire de la Maison Ladurée, The History of « La Maison Ladurée »

Who said airports magazines were without any content, apart from hundreds of advertisements for duty-free brands ? While waiting for my Miami flight last month at Charles-de-Gaulle airport and getting quite bored, I caught myself reading « aéroports magazine » (airport magazine) ! Hard to believe, I know…I stumbled upon an article about « la Maison » Ladurée and its famous macarons. I learnt so many things about this famous company that I wanted to share them with you today, especially since March 20th is "Macaron... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2007

Madeleines au chocolat du Lundi matin, entrain ! Madeleines on a Monday Morning, all week-long you’ll be smiling !

Yesterday, I decided to test my new madeleines silicon mold. Being the last day of the week, my fridge and my cupboard were quite empty but I finally found all the necessary ingredients. If I was a selfish mother, I would have preferred pistachio or even green tea madeleines, but my children's vote was crucial ! Ok, let's go for Chocolate madeleines... I "mixed-up" 2 recipes, so I was quite anxious about the final result. But they were really good and infinitely lighter than the ones one can find at his/her... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2007

Questionnaire printanier, Spring Questionnaire

Merci à Lili de m'avoir demandé de répondre à ce questionnaire ! Je lègue ce questionnaire à Robin. Now, I would like my friend Robin to answer this questionnaire. Si vous étiez : If you were : Une Herbe Aromatique : Les Feuilles de citronnier Keffir, qui parfument tant les plats Thaïlandais dont je raffole. An aromatic herb : Kaffir Lime leaf, that is so great in Thai dishes. Une Épice : le Gingembre : plats salés, plats sucrés, confit, cristallisé, en comprimé, en intraveineuse, ... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2007

Brochettes de Thon et sauce à l'orange de Antigua, Tuna skewers and orange sauce from Antigua

Christopher Columbus first sighted Antigua in 1493. In 1632, Edward Warner came across St Kitts and colonized the island as a British Territory. It has remained British ever since, until it won its independence in 1981. Antigua has retained strong links to British Traditions and the British Touch can be seen averywhere from the intonations of the local creole language to the immaculate uniforms of the young school boys and girls. The Capital, Saint Johns, houses some interesting historical sites like Nelson’s Dockyard,... [Lire la suite]
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10 mars 2007

Galettes épicées Poulet/Mangue de Porto Rico, Chicken/Mango Spiced Galettes from Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico, our very first time there…Originally called « La ciudad amurallada », San Juan the Capital was founded in 1521 and is the second oldest city in the Americas. To protect the transportation of gold, silver and other gems, a massive wall and forts were built around San Juan. After having been successively owned by the Spanish, the Dutch and the British, the island was cede to the USA as part of the Treaty of paris in 1898. It has been a US commonwealth since 1952. All these european influences have... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2007

Miami et son fameux cocktail "Mojito", Miami Beach and its famous "Mojito" cocktail

                                                                                                    copyright sobewine&food festival Miami…We stayed 2 days there for our lattest... [Lire la suite]
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