27 janvier 2011

Saumon en habit de fêtes, Dress up your Salmon !

Petite entrée sans prétentions, mais qui fera probablement de l'effet autour de la table. Autres avantages : rapide à préparer et bien sûr, délicieuse...En fait, plus un prétexte pour vous parler d'un livre, que dis-je, d'un coffret qui m'a vraiment emballée. Vous connaissez probablement Fred Chesneau, son auteur, le très sympatique globe-cooker de Canal Plus. Il a réuni en une très jolie valisette 6 livres de recettes du monde : le Danemark, l' Italie, le Maroc, la Thaïlande, le Japon et l'Inde. Vous ne pouvez vous imaginer comme... [Lire la suite]
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07 janvier 2011

That was in 2010, ça s'est passé en 2010

Laissez-moi vous présenter mon plat du réveillon 2010. Tentant, non ? Nous avions décidé de faire assez light cette fois-ci et y sommes presque parvenus -enfin, si l'on fait abstraction des toasts de foie gras à l'apéro-...Sinon, l'entrée était  très simple mais jolie comme tout : des petits mille-feuilles de saumon fumé (en feuilles de brick) avec une crème fraîche au wasabi , recette trouvée dans un coffret que j'adore et que je vous recommande. J'aurais l'occasion de vous en reparler prochainement. Puis, ce risotto et... [Lire la suite]
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20 décembre 2010

Gâteaux de fêtes, Party Cakes

(Last update january, 2015, dernière mise à jour en janvier 2015)   White Chocolate Opéra Cake/Opéra au Chocolat Blanc 20 servings, 20 personnes2 layers of Joconde Cake, Vanilla Buttercream,White Chocolate Mousse and Frosting, Fresh Raspberries.2 couches de Biscuits Joconde, Crème au Beurre à la Vanille,Mousse et Glaçage au Chocolat Blanc, Framboîses Fraîches. Green Tea and Chocolate Party Cake/Gâteau Chocolat et Thé Vert 16-20 servings, 16-20 personnes2 layers of Green Tea Génoise, Chocolate Buttercream,Chocolate Glaze and... [Lire la suite]
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15 décembre 2010

Yes another Galette des rois ! Encore une Galette des rois !

The "Galette des rois", a typical French tradition...A vast majority of French food blogs have displayed their galettes recipes, but since my friend Luc from Ottawa has asked me, I will give you mine. During many years, it was served only on the Epiphany day, which is to say on the 6th of January. But it has become so popular that it is now very common to eat it each weekend throughout January.Why this success ? First, the taste : the galette is made with puff pastry and a very rich yet absolutely delicious mixture called... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2010

Des Meringues so "Roma Baby" pour utiliser vos fonds de Limoncello ! "Frenchtalian" Meringues to use your Limoncello leftovers !

Meringues géantes au LimoncelloGiant Limoncello Meringues Ah, Italy ... I am back  from a lovely stay in Rome, and of course after a visit to the famous grocery shop Volpetti (seen on our local version of "MasterChef" ), I had to buy plenty of Italian produce : I can tell you that my luggage was much heavier on the way back to Paris! And among the aged Parmesan, top quality Carnaroli Risotti and crazy shaped Pasta, one could find a bottle of limoncello ... I was not a big fan, but after having tasted a... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2010

Quand un reste de rosbif nous emmène en Asie...The traveling roastbeef leftover...

Nouilles sautées au Boeuf à l'AsiatiqueStir-Fried Beef noodles with vegetables This is not a scoop, but I really feel I am getting older...Of course, every morning, my "mirror, mirror" tells me the awful truth  when it reflects my face with new wrinkles...and I am not even mentioning the mornings after good wine + food excess evenings (of course, this happens only once in a while..ahem...). No, what really changes is that I can not stand anymore throwing food away. It makes me really, really mad! Isn't that an... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2010

Special Halloween : gâteau au Nutella tellement bon ...que ça fait peur ! Nutella Cake, so good that...it is almost scary !

Gâteau aux petit-suisses, poudre d'amandes et NutellaNutella, almond meal and petit-suisse (cream cheese) Cake Haha ! Tell me the truth : what did you expect ? A spider-shaped cake with blood fudge ? No, no, no actually, even if I am a big fan of the USA, Halloween has never really been my type of celebrations. Even my daughters are not excited by it, yet the eldest one was born two days after halloween ! So, no ugly recipe, just a simple cake instead. Well, it seems simple, but actually it is the result of many... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2010

Apéros rigolos à partir de rien (ou presque)...Fun aperitive snacks from scratch...

Petits paniers à la tomate et à l'olive/Olive and tomato mini-basketsMini-burgers de thon et citron confit/Canned tuna dn preserved lemon mini-burgersGougères au fromage et aux herbes/Herbs Cheese puffs A ready-made puff pastry on hand ? Some condiments ? Come on, don't be lazy, and instead of opening a bag of salted pistacchios, let's make a very small (and  little time-consuming) effort with these home-made and quite chic little snacks. Is there a better way to "welcome" your dearest  friends ? As it is... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2010

Pain perdu...pas pour tout le monde ! A La French...Toasts !

Brioche perdue à l'ananas caramélisé Briochey French Toasts with caramelized pineapple Your attention, please : this dessert is very very gourmand. And the presence of pineapple that was supposed to make me feel less guilty is really a bad excuse: caramelized and served with salted butter, it is not really what one could call a diet dessert...welcome to culinary decadence ... I also take the opportunity of this post  to apologize for my more than sporadic presence on my blog. I have plenty to say, I cook quite a lot, but... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2010

My Mum's "polpettoni", Les "Polpettoni" de ma Mère

Surprisingly enough, this recipe is part of my very fond childhood memories even though my mother has no Italian origins… Ah, the mysteries of recipes travelling around the world and being transmitted within generations…Originally, polpettoni are meatloafs made with ground beef and herbs and cut into slices before serving them. But in my family, the traditional version has long been replaced by large round meatballs, stuffed with hard boiled eggs. Yummm, to die for, and enjoyed by both adults and little gourmet kids. We... [Lire la suite]
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