13 mai 2010

Appetizers and Small Plates/Entrées

(last update may, 2015, dernière mise à jour en mai 2015)   Certaines soupes sont classées dans "non végétarien" car elles utilisent du bouillon de poulet. Some soups are in the non vegetarian category because they use chicken broth. Vegetarian appetizers/Entrées végétariennes Three-Cheese Soufflé Tatin Shallots Tartlets Blue Cheese, Pear and Rosemary "Pastilla" Pastry/Pastilla gorgonzola, poires et romarin Little eggplant and Basil Mousses/Petites Mousses de Caviar d'aubergines et Basilic Yellow Bellpepper... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2010

Florilège de douceurs pour instants cocooning, Sweet treats anthology for warm moments at home

Siberian cold is back ! No Panic, stay at home next week-end, get dressed in your comfiest outfit (we all know it is also the ugliest one) and get prepared to...bake ! Yes, indeed, it is the perfect weather to caringly prepare sweet treats for your loved ones ! For a brunch or an afternoon tea, you will find everything in the list below, from homey cakes and tarts to more sophisticated madeleines and meringues ! I am currently updating my recipe index (sooooooo time-consuming and boring, but really necessary ), and I took this... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2010

Warm and chilled soups/Soupes chaudes et froides

(last updated january 2015) Chilled Soups/Soupes froides   Yellow Bellpepper Cold Soup/Soupe froide de poivrons jaunes Fava Bean and Mint Soup, Dried Duck Magrets/Soupe de Fèves, Menthe et Magrets Séchés Gwyneth Paltrow's pea and basil soup/Soupe de petits pois et basilic de Gwyneth Paltrow Cucumber and granny Smith Chilled Soup/Soupe froide de cocombre et de granny smith   Warm Soups/Soupes chaudes Aniseed Carrot Soup with Chestnuts/Soupe de Carottes anisées aux ChâtaignesCauliflower and white truffle... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2010

La Pistache m'a "tuer"...Killing me softly with these cakes...

Petits Moelleux Pistache-griottesPistachio and Griottes (sour cherries) melt-in-your-mouth Mini Cakes My regular readers know that I am fond of pistachio in sweet recipes. Whole, chopped, powdered or in paste, give me them all !!  It is a fact that my little love handles don't say "thank you" to them, but hey, have I ever said I was a reasonnable person ? That being said, it was totally predictible that I would deeply  fall in love with these decadent pistachio and sour cherry mini cakes, seen in Christophe... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2010

Marquez un panier dès l'apéro ! Put all your wows in the same basket !

Mini-paniers apéro aux Olives Olive mini-cuttie Baskets Some puff pastry in the fridge ?  A handful olives and a can of tomato paste in your pantry ? Woohoo, good news, you have everything on hand to make those cute little baskets for a wonderful aperitive snack ! When I saw them in Christophe Felder's lattest cookbook, "Les mignardises de Christophe" (mignardise means bite-size delicacies), I found them totally irresistible ! And as Christophe is one of my favourite Pastry Chefs (I have 4 of his cookbooks, and... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2010

Foodie Froggy dans la Presse Rosbif, Foodie Froggy in the British Press

  A few weeks ago, Adam, The Times correspondent in Paris, contacted me through my blog. Following a comparative survey conducted  by le  Figaro newspaper, it seemed that the English spent more time in the kitchen than the French. Quite unexpected, isn't it ? The Brits were themselves surprised by this result, so the Times wanted to provide its own little survey and compare in situ two housewives from both sides of the Channel. They asked us to keep a daily diary of our food shopping and menus during one week.... [Lire la suite]
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17 avril 2010

Saveur iodée et printanière, Sea, Sauce and Spring

Dos de cabillaud, nage d'herbes Thaï au lait de coco, asperges rôties aux agrumesCod fillets, Thaï herbs and coconut milk nage, roasted asparagus Phew, just on time ! Today was the last day to take part to the recipe contest oganized by Patrick, the King of seafood. Each entry had to be based on fish and to be simple. Even though the list of ingredients for my entry might seem quite long, it is really easy to make : basically, you put all the herbs in a food processor until you obtain a paste, you heat this paste on a wok... [Lire la suite]
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14 avril 2010

Le Couscous de mon enfance, The Beef and Vegetable Couscous from my childhood

Mon Couscous "Tunisien" facile, au boeuf et légumesMy Easy Tunisian Style beef and vegetable Couscous Well, what can I say... if I had to choose one iconic dish from my childhood, it would be couscous with beef and vegetables, without any hesitation. Being of North African origins, it was Ze traditional meal on most Friday nights (shabbat), whether I had it at home or at my grand-mothers' places. Each one of these wonderful cooks had, of course, their little variations : the size of the couscous grains (!), the... [Lire la suite]
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05 avril 2010

Un gâteau sans farine aussi bon qu'avec ? Can flourless Cakes be as good as regular ones ?

Gâteau à la Pistache et Pralin sans farineFlourless Pistachio and Praline Cake The answer is yes, of course. I can even say that the absence of flourgives a very moist and unctuous texture ... and lots of flavour : as pistachio and almond meals are substituted with flour, the taste is far, very far from being bland !!  Actually, I have found that this cake was quite similar to a giant Financier. To make it short, it is a great dessert to be enjoyed before, during and after Passover, and you don't need to be jewish to enjoy... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2010

Lentilles corail aux couleurs du Sud, Red Lentils the mediterranean way

Lentilles Corail, Pâtes et Courgettes au Chèvre FraisRed lentils, Pasta, Zucchini and Goat cheese Pasta and red lentils in the same dish, this may seem a bit "too much". And yet, if I tell you that this recipe comes from Laurence Solomon, the Queen of diet Haute Cuisine in France, you will inevitably be as surprised as I was. But when one comes to consider the ingredients more precisely, one realizes that they are all quite "light" (apart from the goat cheese) : wholewheat pasta, grated raw zucchini,... [Lire la suite]
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