26 juillet 2010

Le surprenant Cake au Vin blanc de Bruno Doucet...A quite puzzling white wine loaf cake...

Cake au Vin Blanc de la maman de Bruno DoucetMum Doucet's White Wine Loaf Cake Ah the French and their wine !! What do you think of that : a cake dedicated to children, with white wine ! It is one of Bruno Doucet's* favorite cake since his mother would make it for him when he was a kid, for his breakfasts or as an afternoon snack.I found this recipe in his cookbook, from which I have already shared a recipe, and it immediately caught my attention. Yes, I know, I bought this book more than a year ago, but you know, I am a very... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2009

Recyclez des prunes pas au top dans un Clafoutis ! Plums second chance in a Clafoutis !

Clafoutis aux Prunes de la RégaladeLa Régalade's Plum Clafoutis Actually, this recipe cannot be found at "La Régalade"; it comes from one of Chef Bruno Doucet's friends. I felf I had to rectify as I would not want to be responsible for a big misunderstanding if ever you came to have lunch or dinner there and asked, in vane, for this great dessert ! A slightly different version from the traditional one with cherries, and it was a great way for me to use my "too acid for my taste" plums. I bought them... [Lire la suite]
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13 mars 2009

Brandade légère de la Régalade, La Régalade's light Cod Brandade

Brandade légère de Morue, petite Salade d'ArtichautLight Salt Cod Brandade, Poivrade Artichoke Salad I haven't had (yet) the pleasure to have a meal at La Régalade, a famous bistro-style restaurant in Paris. But when I saw Brunot Doucet's cookbook, I could not resist. He is the Chef who brilliantly succeeded to world-famous Yves Camdeborde at the head of this Parisian Institution. Even though many of the recipes call for Pork (which I don't eat), I loved this book for various reasons : its format, its aesthetics,... [Lire la suite]
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