28 juillet 2009

Encore deux menus gourmands à Megève ! Two more gourmet menus in Megève (French Alps) !

  I had already mentioned the "Refuge" restaurant last summer here. Each visit to this restaurant (and this was my 4th), confirms my first impression : the best quality for price ratio in Megève (French Alps) hands down ! When one eats there, one has the feeling that there is a passionate Chef behind his "piano" : the freshest produce, the nice presentation, the large portions (too large according to some people, but hey, you have the choice not to lick your plate !) and the amazing staff. As for Brasserie... [Lire la suite]
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18 juillet 2008

Deux restaurants gourmands à Megève et environs

Contrarily to what you might think, I am not spending all my vacation time eating and eating again. Not at all, I am also very busy...napping and sleeping at night, lol ! Well, for me, that's what good holidays are about : enjoying the local gourmet treasures and relaxing. Is there something wrong with that ? For you today, two restaurant reviews (you see, I also spend some time working hard at the local Internet Café just to share my good moments with you...). Vous avez l'impression que je passe mon temps à m'empiffrer en ce... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2008

Visite à la Ferme Bio...A visit to the local Organic Farm...

What a pity, our gorgeous weather has finally led to a non-stop rainy week-end...Alas...And what a challenge it is to keep your kids "smartly busy" in a ski resort at summertime when the sky is grey and "crying" all the time. I had heard of this organic farm only a few days before and I thought it would be interesting for my very Parisian children to see how to grow zucchinis, salad greens, and so on...The farmer lady was charming and she even set up a small museum with her grand-mother's clothes and utensils... [Lire la suite]
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