06 novembre 2011

"NOLA's Burnt Sugar Cake" : Delicieusement Kitsch, Kitschissimement délicieux...Deliciously Kitsch, Kitschily Delicious...

NOLA's Burnt Sugar Cake This post was first published in february 2009. Funny how inspiration in a kitchen can come from a...movie*. I would love to tell you that Brad Pitt himself murmured this recipe in my ear, or even his character "Benjamin Button" at the perfect age of 40 (when his mind was just as old as his body). But no, the reality is much less romantic, and don't forget that I am a happily married woman !  When I saw the movie, I thought "Wow, New Orleans ! Seems like a terrific city ! Why I never felt the need to... [Lire la suite]
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