11 juillet 2015

Cerises sur le clafoutis/Little work, lots of yumminess : Cherry clafoutis for dessert !

Le temps des cerises...Profitons-en rapidement car il est vraiment trop bref ! Passée l'épreuve du dénoyautage (oui, je sais qu'il y a débat à ce sujet et que les cerises entières seraient plus parfumées, mais personnellement, je préfère que ma famille/mes invités ne se cassent pas les dents sur des noyaux lol), le reste de la recette n'est qu'une formalité ! En terme de texture, on est assez proches du flan avec un goût lacté assez prononcé dû au beurre et à la bonne quantité de lait, mais la poudre d'amandes apporte aussi une... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2013

Les clémentines de Yotam/Yotam's clementines

  For me, there are two kinds of cookbooks : the ones you enjoy but quickly put in your bookshelf to use only when you need a specific recipe. And the ones you keep close to you, on your bedside table, and that you read little by little, every night, until you fall asleep.  These are more than just cookbooks, they are a sum of wonderful memories, beautiful pictures and great recipes of course, in a word they tell a story. "Jerusalem" by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi (already mentioned here) is... [Lire la suite]
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12 septembre 2013

Spécial Kippour : Ze gâteau aux Z'amandes et Ze citronnade/Special for Kippur : Ze Easy Almond Cake and Ze home-made lemonade

Gâteau fondant aux amandes et Citronnade Maison Easy Almond Cake and Home-made Limonade Hi, it is still time to prepare all the sweet treats traditionnally served to celebrate the end of Kippur. As for me, since last year, I have definitely abandoned the classic Boulous (too dry) and the Arissa* (too heavy) to the profit of this not-only-very-quick-to-make-but-also-to-die-for-almond cake.Its texture is so soft that it is almost velvety, due to the use of almond paste instead of almond powder. My home-made lemonade (also a... [Lire la suite]
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30 avril 2009

Le Nougat de mon enfance/Crunchy Nougat from my Childhood

Nougat à l'ancienne aux amandes, pignons et sésameAlmond, Pine Nut and Sesame Old-fashioned Nougat When I saw this recipe on Flo's foodblog, I felt immediately overwhelmed with emotion : her old-fashioned nougats (which are actually closer to caramel ) were totally similar to my grandmother's ones when I was a kid ! Many wonderful memories from my childhood suddenly resurfaced : my primary school was a stone-throw from my Mémé Yvonne's cute little apartment and my twin brother and myself used to take our after-school snack... [Lire la suite]
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31 mai 2008

Pêches Farcies aux Amaretti, Glace Mascarpone, Amaretti-stuffed Peaches, Mascarpone ice-cream

Hardly noticeable, but there are three recipes in today’s post. Everything is home-made : the Amaretti cookies, the mascarpone ice-cream and the stuffed peaches ! How wonderful is Foodie Froggy, mmmh ? Oh my god, I have read somewhere that referring to yourself in the third person, is a symptom of narcissism. Oh no, I swear that my « big head » from earlier this week only lasted a day !! It has well and truly deflated since then…This recipe announces the end of my Tuscan Menu and also many wishes* for me : first home-made... [Lire la suite]