26 juin 2017

Le bread Pudding*, vous connaissez ? Bread Pudding, a delicious curiosity for us the French

Bread Pudding aux abricots du BLT, sauce chocolatBLT's Apricot Bread Pudding, chocolate sauce Remember? I have already mentioned here the success story of  "BLT ",  a french gastronomic empire in the USA. Well, a few monthes ago, I was in Florida in a charming hotel that housed a BLT Steak restaurant on its ground floor. And, in our room, we found the cookbook "Bistro Laurent Tourondel", the king of this empire. It was not a complimentary book but the hotel guests were invited to  read it, which I, of course, did ! I... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2009

"Brioches Nid d'abeille" à butiner sans modération ! "Honeycomb Brioches" for your sweet little bees !

Petites brioches au Miel et AmandesHoney and Almond Small Brioches Give me the opportunity to choose between a good "Mom and Pop" Cassoulet and a Pierre Hermé dazzling dessert, I would pick the first one without any hesitation. Not that I don't like PH's cakes, but I really am a "bec salé" as we say here, meaning that I enjoy savory dishes much more than sweet ones. I know this is not obvious when you ramble through my foodblog : I LOVE to make desserts, but devoring them is another story. Am I weird ?... [Lire la suite]
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07 mai 2008

La Brioche de Loupiti

Tresse Suisse aux Pralines RosesSwiss Braided Brioche with Pink Pralines I have been tagged by Loupiti. And I am very happy he did tag me. Loupiti is a young man, crazy about the art of pastry-making and extremely talented. I check out his foodblog on a very regular basis but I had no idea he knew mine ! His Swiss braided brioche has been fascinating me for a long time, but I had to wait for this special occasion (his tag) to finally make it ! It is a very easy recipe and the brioche is just the way I... [Lire la suite]
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25 octobre 2007

Breads and brioches/Pains et brioches

(last update january 7th, 2015, dernière mise à jour 07/01/15) Savoury/Salé Potato Loaf Bread/Pain à la pomme de terre   French baguette/Baguette française   Onion Marmelade and Herbs sea Salt Focaccia/Focaccia au confit d'oignon et gros el aux herbes   Poppy Seeds Dinner Rolls/Petits pains aux graines de pavot   Challah Bread/Pain Halah   Danish braid Challah/Halah tressée à la Danoise   Cheese Popovers/Popovers au Gruyère   Lavash Crackers/Crackers apéritifs   ... [Lire la suite]
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