24 novembre 2008

Truffes épicées à la Spring, A la Spring spiced truffles

No need to tell you whose restaurant is "Spring" in Paris : Daniel Rose is one of the most popular Chefs in Paris and he is american (more precisely from Chicago) ! I have told you in this blog all about the wonderful meal I had there and the very laid-back, though intensive, cooking class I took last year. He is also the superstar of the culinary press both in France and in the States and I found his chocolate truffles recipe in last december's issue of  "Elle à Table". Quite simple : make an english... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2007

A Cooking Class with Daniel Rose (Spring), Un cours de Cuisine avec Daniel Rose (Spring)

En français, en rouge et plus bas ! I hesitated for a long time whether to write this or not…Here was my dilemma : .the "good girl" in me wanted to share this great moment with you. However the "little devil" in me kept telling me “are you insane ? If you spread the word, you won’t be able to book another class for months!!!”. The fact that you are reading this shows what side won ! Sigh…I am too good to you…OK, let's start : upon your arrival, you are greeted by a warm smile …and a good glass of white wine (and it is only 11... [Lire la suite]