12 septembre 2013

Spécial Kippour : Ze gâteau aux Z'amandes et Ze citronnade/Special for Kippur : Ze Easy Almond Cake and Ze home-made lemonade

Gâteau fondant aux amandes et Citronnade Maison Easy Almond Cake and Home-made Limonade Hi, it is still time to prepare all the sweet treats traditionnally served to celebrate the end of Kippur. As for me, since last year, I have definitely abandoned the classic Boulous (too dry) and the Arissa* (too heavy) to the profit of this not-only-very-quick-to-make-but-also-to-die-for-almond cake.Its texture is so soft that it is almost velvety, due to the use of almond paste instead of almond powder. My home-made lemonade (also a... [Lire la suite]
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27 juillet 2008

Menu tout fruits, tout frais...A fresh and fruity menu

Part I : Smoothie Cerises et Sirop de Roses, Cherry and Rose Smoothie The idea was not to make a whole "fruits only" menu, how boring ! No, I just wanted to have at least one fruit in each dish, from the aperitive drink to the dessert, as a subtile touch. The idea came when one of my guests, who knows me very well and my tendency to propose rich dinners with pantagruelic portions, asked me with all the diplomacy she could, to make a "light" dinner. She was concerned about her figure a week before her beach holidays ! Haha, a new... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2008

Caipirinha à la Fraise, Strawberry Caipirinha

In Brasilian Portuguese : « Caipirinha de Morango ».We‘ve been having a heat wave these last days in  Paris and I find myself quite often with a dry throat : I am thirsty all the time ! And as it is strawberry season in Europe , what could be better than a fruity version of the most famous Brasilian Cocktail : Caipirinha ?  Thirst-quenching, tasty and beautiful to look at with its red “dress”, this cocktail is also quite sexy, isnt’it ? Aaaah, Brasil !!The basic recipe is simply made of lime, sugar and... [Lire la suite]
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