14 mai 2010

Main courses and their side-dishes/Plats principaux et leurs accompagnements

(dernière mise à jour en janvier 2015, last update january, 2015) Beef/Boeuf Standing rib roast beef with Celery Puree/Côte de Boeuf et Purée de Céleri   My Mum's Polpettoni (meatballs)/Les Polpettoni de ma mère   My Beef and vegetable Couscous/ Mon Couscous au boeuf et aux légumes   Beef Lok Lak (cambodian recipe)/Boeuf Lok Lak (recette cambodgienne) Stir fry noodles with beef leftovers/Nouilles sautées au boeuf à l'asiatique   Chicken/Poulet Cashew nut chicken/Poulet aux noix de cajou ... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2008

Magrets de Canard aux Pêches Epicées, Duck Magrets (breasts) with Spiced Peaches

Just before leaving for my summer holidays, I had disgracefully abandoned you just in the middle of my « all fruity menu ». But, as a promise is a promise, let me introduce you today to the main dish of the menu, following the cherry smoothie and the goat cheese and green apple springroll. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Duck Magrets with Spiced Ppeaches !! The perfect occasion for me to let you know about my favorite (and un-missable) cooking method for duck breasts : first on the stove to get a golden and... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2007

Duck Magret with Ice Cider and Fresh Rosemary, Magret de Canard au Cidre de Glace et au Romarin

A Recipe celebrating Franco-Canadian Friendship...                    Recette en Français en bas de page ! Last November, we happened to have 2 friends from Quebec for lunch; being very nice and particularly well-behaved, they came with a specialty from their homeland : A bottle of  Neige, a "Cidre de Glace" (Ice Cider) . It was quite amusing : the week before, I had the opportunity to taste this sweet alcoholized beverage at a Cocktail Party in Paris (held by an... [Lire la suite]
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