03 janvier 2015

Brioche ou Galette ? Galette or Brioche ?

Each year, for the Epiphany festivities and no matter your religion, there is the same national debate : basically France is divided between the southerners who are "brioche des rois" lovers and the northerners who could not have anything but Galette des rois filled with almond cream. And don't even get me started with : almond, pistachio, or raspberry filling ? Round or square-shaped ? And how many porcelain beans inside ? Anyway, you know me, I only aspire to peace in the world, so...I chose both : actually, while typing this... [Lire la suite]
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15 décembre 2010

Yes another Galette des rois ! Encore une Galette des rois !

The "Galette des rois", a typical French tradition...A vast majority of French food blogs have displayed their galettes recipes, but since my friend Luc from Ottawa has asked me, I will give you mine. During many years, it was served only on the Epiphany day, which is to say on the 6th of January. But it has become so popular that it is now very common to eat it each weekend throughout January.Why this success ? First, the taste : the galette is made with puff pastry and a very rich yet absolutely delicious mixture called... [Lire la suite]
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