05 avril 2010

Un gâteau sans farine aussi bon qu'avec ? Can flourless Cakes be as good as regular ones ?

Gâteau à la Pistache et Pralin sans farineFlourless Pistachio and Praline Cake The answer is yes, of course. I can even say that the absence of flourgives a very moist and unctuous texture ... and lots of flavour : as pistachio and almond meals are substituted with flour, the taste is far, very far from being bland !!  Actually, I have found that this cake was quite similar to a giant Financier. To make it short, it is a great dessert to be enjoyed before, during and after Passover, and you don't need to be jewish to enjoy... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2009

Daring bakers Challenge : Flourless Chocolate Cake, Gâteau au Chocolat sans Farine

White&Black Chocolate Cake, no-ice-cream-maker Mascarpone Ice-cream, Easy Caramel SyrupGâteau au Chocolat Black&White, Glace Mascarpone sans sorbetière, Sirop de Caramel facile An easy challenge this month, but with a touch of technique skills though for we were asked to make our own ice-cream and topping to accompany this wonderfully melting-in-the-mouth flourless chocolate cake. Everything went great since I had already made a mascarpone ice-cream (with no ice-cream maker necessary !) some months ago (click here) as... [Lire la suite]
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