15 juin 2008

Quand l’asperge rencontre l’abricot…When aparagus meets apricot

Asperges et Abricots en Crumble de Pain d’EpicesAsparagus and Apricot Gingerbread Crumble The more I cook, the less I like to “transform” food. The sole idea of adding cream, eggs, or other stuff to vegetables or fruits attracts me less and less. Could « rubbing elbows » with them on a daily basis make me want to offer them a decent end on this earth ? OK, let’s be serious for a while : my recipes truly tend to be more and more basic, more respectful of the produce. I can’t help it ! Cooking times are... [Lire la suite]
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12 février 2007

Gingerbread-crusted Cod fillets, mini “gratins dauphinois”, Dos de cabillaud en crumble de pain d'épices

      Recette en français en bas de page ! When I was a child, I was not fond of gingerbread. Oddly enough, my twin brother was crazy about it. Who said that twins think alike ? Now, my tastes have changed and I truly enjoy these little spiced slices of bread, especially in savory dishes. Last Saturday, we had "important" guests : my husband's best friend (of 30 years!) and his gorgious israelian-born wife, plus another couple.  So I had to "mettre les petits plats dans les grands" (make a very special... [Lire la suite]
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