09 mai 2016

Crostata à la Confiture de Cerises des Soeurs Jumelles Toscanes, the Super Tuscans' Cherry Jam Crostata

Each time I travel to the USA (to my great pleasure, this happens quite often) I return to France with my travel bag loaded with American food magazines : Food&wine, Bon Appétit, Saveur and Foodnetwork magazine from the eponymous TV channel. Funny enough, though, the recipe that caught my attention among all those yankee foodzines was an...Italian one ! In Bon Appétit, I stumbled upon an interesting article about two twin Tuscanian sisters, professional winemakers/amateurs cooks and their Cherry Crostata recipe. That tart was... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2013

Cantucci comme à Florence ! Tuscan-style Cantucci !

Cantucci aux Amandes et Pépites de ChocolatAlmond and Chocolate Chip Cantucci Je ne sais pas si vous êtes comme moi, mais à chaque fois que je me rends en italie, j'ai une drôle de manie : je ramène dans ma valise des sacs entiers de Cantucci, vous savez, ces petits biscuits secs aux amandes de forme cylindrique avec un côté aplati. J'ai dû tester tous les parfums, toutes les consistances et toutes les tailles, mais mes préférés jusqu'à présent ont été ceux du stand "Pany Da Lory" au Mercato Centrale de Florence.... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2010

Des Meringues so "Roma Baby" pour utiliser vos fonds de Limoncello ! "Frenchtalian" Meringues to use your Limoncello leftovers !

Meringues géantes au LimoncelloGiant Limoncello Meringues Ah, Italy ... I am back  from a lovely stay in Rome, and of course after a visit to the famous grocery shop Volpetti (seen on our local version of "MasterChef" ), I had to buy plenty of Italian produce : I can tell you that my luggage was much heavier on the way back to Paris! And among the aged Parmesan, top quality Carnaroli Risotti and crazy shaped Pasta, one could find a bottle of limoncello ... I was not a big fan, but after having tasted a... [Lire la suite]
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31 mai 2008

Pêches Farcies aux Amaretti, Glace Mascarpone, Amaretti-stuffed Peaches, Mascarpone ice-cream

Hardly noticeable, but there are three recipes in today’s post. Everything is home-made : the Amaretti cookies, the mascarpone ice-cream and the stuffed peaches ! How wonderful is Foodie Froggy, mmmh ? Oh my god, I have read somewhere that referring to yourself in the third person, is a symptom of narcissism. Oh no, I swear that my « big head » from earlier this week only lasted a day !! It has well and truly deflated since then…This recipe announces the end of my Tuscan Menu and also many wishes* for me : first home-made... [Lire la suite]
21 mai 2008

Courgettes Farcies à la Toscane, Tuscan-style Stuffed Zucchini

Hooray for the foires à la brocante* ! I have always been unlucky with them…until last week when I found this wonderful cookbook for only 5 euros. “Tuscan Cookbook” is the name of my little treasure and it is the story of two Australian Chefs who ran a seasonal cooking school near Sienna at the end of the summer 1997. Their clients were Australian, too and all I can say is that I was green with envy when I read how wonderful the class was, the recipes, the place (La Villa di Corsano) and the people. They were accompanied by a... [Lire la suite]
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