02 janvier 2012

"Peau d'Anne" dans l'antre potager de Passard/A fairy-like day at Passard's vegetable garden !

Conte de fées potager ou comment cuisiner les légumes d'hiver avec....une touche de magie ! How to cook root vegetables with a touch of magic !   In this post, the english translation will be shorter than usual and I apologize in advance for that. In the french version, I tried to write a fun text about a famous fairy-tale called "peau d'âne", which is almost impossible for me to translate properly. Early december, I spent a wonderful day at michelin-starred Chef Alain Passard's vegetable garden in Normandy. The visit of the... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2010

Main courses and their side-dishes/Plats principaux et leurs accompagnements

(dernière mise à jour en janvier 2015, last update january, 2015) Beef/Boeuf Standing rib roast beef with Celery Puree/Côte de Boeuf et Purée de Céleri   My Mum's Polpettoni (meatballs)/Les Polpettoni de ma mère   My Beef and vegetable Couscous/ Mon Couscous au boeuf et aux légumes   Beef Lok Lak (cambodian recipe)/Boeuf Lok Lak (recette cambodgienne) Stir fry noodles with beef leftovers/Nouilles sautées au boeuf à l'asiatique   Chicken/Poulet Cashew nut chicken/Poulet aux noix de cajou ... [Lire la suite]
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14 avril 2010

Le Couscous de mon enfance, The Beef and Vegetable Couscous from my childhood

Mon Couscous "Tunisien" facile, au boeuf et légumesMy Easy Tunisian Style beef and vegetable Couscous Well, what can I say... if I had to choose one iconic dish from my childhood, it would be couscous with beef and vegetables, without any hesitation. Being of North African origins, it was Ze traditional meal on most Friday nights (shabbat), whether I had it at home or at my grand-mothers' places. Each one of these wonderful cooks had, of course, their little variations : the size of the couscous grains (!), the... [Lire la suite]
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