16 janvier 2013

Et ça pâtisse encore ! Un marronnier, ça vous tente ? Pastry, pastry ! I'm hooked !

Il y a quelques années (vers 2008-2009), une subite passion pour la pâtisserie s'est emparée de moi ! Totalement inexplicable. Ceci dit, je venais de m'offrir le livre "les gâteaux classiques" de Christophe Felder, et même si les temps de préparation auraient logiquement dû décourager la plus motivée des foodistas, les photos, elles, me faisaient littéralement rêver ! Et puis, quel sacré challenge, quand même, ces gâteaux pour 20 personnes, dignes de pâtissiers pros ! A moi la maîtrise des grands  basiques comme la crème... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2009

Dessert de fêtes : Et pourquoi pas une bûche au Tiramisu ? Festive dessert : Tiramisu Yule log, anyone ?

Bûche "Tiramisu" aux MarronsChestnut "Tiramisu" Yule Log Oh My God, I really have gone very classic this year : a soup, then stuffed chicken, and finally a yule log ! Could not be more traditionnally French ! (Apart from the savory amuse-bouche : an asian inspired salmon tartare in Passion fruit rinds).A big change from my British Christmas two years ago or even my white&Cream festive menu from last year...But I have a good excuse : did you notice the small picture on the left ? This totally decadent Tiramisu yule log made the... [Lire la suite]
04 novembre 2008

Gâteau d'anniversaire rapido presto ! From scratch Birthday Cake !

Chestnut and Hazelnut Fondant Cake,Chocolate Glaze. Moelleux Marrons et Noisettes, Glaçage Chocolat Three days away from home...and the day I was back, it was my elder daughter's birthday (she turned 12). A quick inspection of my fridge : empty ! a true Siberian desert ! Apart from 5 eggs and half a stick of butter. What about my pantry ? Not a lot to declare, I am afraid...Oh yes, some milk chocolate, hazelnut powder and ...chestnut spread (yoohoo). Now, let's go for a totale improvisation in trying to make something... [Lire la suite]
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20 décembre 2006

Chestnuts are children’s best friends

Chestnuts are not exclusive to savory dishes, they also make great desserts. The “chesnuts spread” is wonderfully sweetened and rich and can be a good source of energy  for (gourmet) children practicing a sport  or before an important exam. This is why this spread is also sold in tubes in France so you can sip it anyplace, anytime…I remember that I used to have 2 or 3 tubes of chestnuts spread in my school bag  in case I suddenly felt tired, which, strangely enough,  happened very often !   Now it is a... [Lire la suite]
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