11 mai 2010

Florilège de douceurs pour instants cocooning, Sweet treats anthology for warm moments at home

Siberian cold is back ! No Panic, stay at home next week-end, get dressed in your comfiest outfit (we all know it is also the ugliest one) and get prepared to...bake ! Yes, indeed, it is the perfect weather to caringly prepare sweet treats for your loved ones ! For a brunch or an afternoon tea, you will find everything in the list below, from homey cakes and tarts to more sophisticated madeleines and meringues ! I am currently updating my recipe index (sooooooo time-consuming and boring, but really necessary ), and I took this... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2008

Muffins tout chauds pour le MM#11 ! Hot from the oven for Muffin Monday #11 !

Hey, but I am becoming a "Muffin Monday" addict ! Actually, my first participation was not a real one since I was a member of the jury and hence, I could not be a competitor. My second one was rewarded with a silver medal. So let's see what happens next...The theme chosen by Cuisine Plurielle, last edition's winner, was "colors and flavors of Autumn".This is why I have chosen to emphasize on two fruits which are at the top of the season : pear and walnut. To make an even more gourmet treat, I have decided... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2008

Un bon début de semaine...A nice way to start a new week...

Il y a des Lundis plus difficiles...Ce matin, j'apprends que mon Muffin Framboises, Figues et Romarin a remporté la deuxième place du Muffin Monday #10. Sur 58 candidatures, avouez quand même qu'il y a de quoi être fière...Je remercie donc le Jury, Flo, bien sûr, l'autre Flo, Yannick et Natte d'avoir fait preuve d'un goût certain, lol !! J'ai tellement adoré la médaille designée par Flo que j'ai eu envie de vous la montrer : personnalisée avec la photo du Muffin, s'il vous plait ! Quel professionnalisme...Bravo, Flo ! Et félicitations... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2008

Muffins ou Cupcakes ? Muffins or Cupcakes ?

Raspberry, Fig and Rosemary Muffins/Cupcakes like a TiramisuMuffins framboises, figues et Romarin/Cupcakes comme un Tiramisu Well, I ‘ll have both of them, please ! ! Rarely do I participate to foodblog games. Not that I am a snobbish or something, but I have some problems with the word « deadline ». So, today I have decided to go for not only one but two games ! One for Muffin Monday #10 which asked for pink muffins and the other for Sugar High Friday, organized by Fanny from Foodbeam , a special event about cupcakes. And... [Lire la suite]
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02 juillet 2008

Muffin Monday #9 : plus que quelques jours ! Only a few days left !

Muffins Pêches, Turrón et Romarin, comme un petit air de BarcelonePeach, Turrón and Rosemary Muffins, just like in Barcelona Right : La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Yep, as a member of the jury, I really can’t wait to see your wonderful recipes ! As a reminder, these muffins can be either sweet or savory but must contain summer fruits or vegetables. And the deadline is July 7th. The only thing you have to do is to go here (Lili’s blog), and leave the link to your recipe in the comment box. Recipes in English... [Lire la suite]
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