12 septembre 2013

Spécial Kippour : Ze gâteau aux Z'amandes et Ze citronnade/Special for Kippur : Ze Easy Almond Cake and Ze home-made lemonade

Gâteau fondant aux amandes et Citronnade Maison Easy Almond Cake and Home-made Limonade Hi, it is still time to prepare all the sweet treats traditionnally served to celebrate the end of Kippur. As for me, since last year, I have definitely abandoned the classic Boulous (too dry) and the Arissa* (too heavy) to the profit of this not-only-very-quick-to-make-but-also-to-die-for-almond cake.Its texture is so soft that it is almost velvety, due to the use of almond paste instead of almond powder. My home-made lemonade (also a... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2008

J’ai dé-jeûné avec Nigella ! I had “break fast” with Nigella!

Le “Easy almond Cake” de Nigella Nigella’s easy Almond Cake     Why don’t you believe me? I swear I am not lying! I had “break fast” with Nigella Lawson. OK, OK, I am a bit tricky here, you probably have noticed that I have written “break fast” in two words!! Hehe! I meant that I broke Yom Kippur’s fast with one of Nigella’s Cakes. Actually, the play on words works better in French but I tried to do my best…Here in France, we are used to start our  post-fast meal with sweet things, as to not hurt our fragile... [Lire la suite]
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