17 avril 2009

Pas peu fière III…la Dacquoise Citron Vert de Christophe Felder, Quite proud of myself III…Christophe Felder’s Lime Dacquoise

Or how to end Passover with a touch of class...Ou comment rompre Pessah avec classe... Actually, the first part of the "end of Passover" meal looks more like a pique-nique party with mediterranean flavors than a festive dinner : the tradition is to have sandwiches made with italian bread specially bought in Belleville, a popular part of Paris, and stuffed with sophisticated ingredients (!) like canned tuna in olive oil, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, black olives and of course a home-made "slata mechouia", a... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2008

Gateau au Chocolat "bling-bling" sans cuisson, No bake "bling bling" Chocolate Cake

Help ! My kitchen is a disaster, everything gets broken, one thing after the other ! Mixing valve tap : broken, dishwasher : leaking, sink : blocked, oven : not working properly. Making a cake in these post-war-like conditions ? No panic ! I have a recipe of a super-moist no-bake chocolate cake.The basic principle is very easy : tea-biscuits (or digestive biscuits) soaked in coffee, arranged in layers, separated by a light buttercream, and the whole cake covered with chocolate ganache.It really tastes like an Opera cake,... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2008

Pas peu fière…le Framboisier de Christophe Felder, Quite proud of myself…Christophe Felder’s Framboisier

Looks like a Daring Bakers Challenge, has the color and the shape of it, is as time-consuming, but it is not a DB Challenge. I have decided, all by myself, to push the limits of my pastry skills and try to make this wonderful cake. Well, actually, I did not really have choice : when one has 17 guests (!!), one can’t decently make little adorable individual desserts ! Now you’re going to ask me : what is a Framboisier and who is Christophe Felder ? A Framboisier is a cake made of two layers of dacquoise (mixture of whipped egg whites... [Lire la suite]
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