13 mai 2014

Bellissimi Carciofi

Artichauts farcis à la ToscaneTuscan style stuffed Artichoke Bottoms "Once bitten twice shy". I may look like a nice little frog, but I am not that naive ! Let me explain : the last two times I left home for more than a week, my freezer completely lost its mind : it broke down for mysterious reasons (a power outage, maybe ?) and I was welcomed back by a nauseating smell in my kitchen. And while I was craving for my bed, I found myselft emptying the shelves, throwing away all the food (which was brown and soggy, yuck) and... [Lire la suite]
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07 mai 2009

L'Italie tout simplement...Simply Italy...

Tarte Ricotta, Pignons et Menthe FraîcheRicotta, Pine Nuts and Fresh Mint Tart I simply wanted something fresh, easy to make and exotic. Mint is, by far, my favorite fresh herb, this explains why I am so fond of Thaï Cuisine which uses armfuls of them ! But today, we are not going that far, we will stay in the Mediterranean Coast with unctuous Italian Ricotta, crunchy roasted pine nuts and of course ultra-fresh Mint. A classic but terrific "ménage à trois", hehe ! Mamma Mia, I swear I could have eaten the whole tart... [Lire la suite]
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30 avril 2009

Le Nougat de mon enfance/Crunchy Nougat from my Childhood

Nougat à l'ancienne aux amandes, pignons et sésameAlmond, Pine Nut and Sesame Old-fashioned Nougat When I saw this recipe on Flo's foodblog, I felt immediately overwhelmed with emotion : her old-fashioned nougats (which are actually closer to caramel ) were totally similar to my grandmother's ones when I was a kid ! Many wonderful memories from my childhood suddenly resurfaced : my primary school was a stone-throw from my Mémé Yvonne's cute little apartment and my twin brother and myself used to take our after-school snack... [Lire la suite]
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21 mai 2008

Courgettes Farcies à la Toscane, Tuscan-style Stuffed Zucchini

Hooray for the foires à la brocante* ! I have always been unlucky with them…until last week when I found this wonderful cookbook for only 5 euros. “Tuscan Cookbook” is the name of my little treasure and it is the story of two Australian Chefs who ran a seasonal cooking school near Sienna at the end of the summer 1997. Their clients were Australian, too and all I can say is that I was green with envy when I read how wonderful the class was, the recipes, the place (La Villa di Corsano) and the people. They were accompanied by a... [Lire la suite]
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