19 décembre 2013

Le poulet se fait festif avec Ottolenghi ! Yes, chicken can look festive (in an Ottolenghi recipe) !

Décidément, quand j'aime, je ne fais pas les choses à moitié ! Vous connaissez désormais ma toute nouvelle passion pour le chef d'origine israélienne Yotam Ottolenghi. Je vous ai déjà fait connaître sa brioche tressée chocolatée (le fameux Krantz Cake), son gâteau aux clémentines et aux amandes, alors voici enfin une recette salée (mais encore une fois avec des agrumes) : le poulet rôti aux clémentines et fenouil. Je dois dire que ce plat (ainsi que le banoffee destructuré de mon dernier billet) m'a sauvé la vie lorsque... [Lire la suite]

26 octobre 2013

Nuggets trois étoiles de Anne-Sophie Pic; 3-star Chef Pic's home-made nuggets

Nuggets? Yes, but not just any nuggets, these ones are from a recipe by  Anne-Sophie Pic. Not only is she the only female Chef to have three michelin stars, but she is also a Mum and as so, she knows about our slight anxiety when we take our kids to a fast-food and wonder what the h*ll their chicken nuggets are made of...Sometimes, it is better not to know, but my daughters rave about them, so what am I supposed to do?  The answer is : make them a home-made version ! This way, everyone is happy : the anxious Mum who has a... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2010

Main courses and their side-dishes/Plats principaux et leurs accompagnements

(dernière mise à jour en janvier 2015, last update january, 2015) Beef/Boeuf Standing rib roast beef with Celery Puree/Côte de Boeuf et Purée de Céleri   My Mum's Polpettoni (meatballs)/Les Polpettoni de ma mère   My Beef and vegetable Couscous/ Mon Couscous au boeuf et aux légumes   Beef Lok Lak (cambodian recipe)/Boeuf Lok Lak (recette cambodgienne) Stir fry noodles with beef leftovers/Nouilles sautées au boeuf à l'asiatique   Chicken/Poulet Cashew nut chicken/Poulet aux noix de cajou ... [Lire la suite]
22 décembre 2009

Pas de gâchis avec ce hachis, no "hangover" about leftovers

Parmentier de Volaille de NoëlChristmas Poultry "Parmentier" Now that I have done my homework (heehee) by sharing with you an entire festive menu last week, let's answer Ze question, that every cook fears : what to do with leftovers ? And don't think you won't have any, it is just impossible : when one makes a meal for a large party, one's eyes are bigger than one's guests' stomaches ! So, if you have some smoked salmon left, try these mini cakes. And what about roast turkey (or chicken or capon or duck or geese) ?... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2009

Plat de fêtes : Le foie gras et les cèpes s'acoquinent avec le Poulet ! Foie gras and Porcini make friends with chicken !

Blancs de Poulets farcis au Foie Gras et aux CèpesFoie gras and Porcini Stuffed Chicken Breasts This recipe is a classier (and more expensive) version of one of my big classics. Or how to impress your guests without sweating in the kitchen. It is all in the way of incising the chicken breasts in order to create a large "pocket" for the stuffing and most importantly, in the way of "mummifying" them with puff pastry strips. After baking, the result is really gorgeous, so do not hesitate to show your... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2009

Spécial "fô pô gâcher" : des rillettes avec les restes de poulet rôti, An economical snack : rillettes using chicken leftovers

Rillettes de Poulet à l'Estragon et aux EchalotesChicken Rillettes with Tarragon and Shallots I have already evoked my little "concern" about roast chicken leftovers : the carcass is easy to use (home-made broth), but what about the little pieces of flesh stuck on it and the wings (no wings amateurs in my little family) ? I thought it was a challenge to find fun ways to recycle them, until I realized that I now had quite a good list of "reasonable-housewife -wannabe" recipes in my own foodblog ! Three of... [Lire la suite]
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21 juin 2008

Finger food exotique pour Garden Party chic…Exotic Finger Food for a posh Garden Party

Croquettes de Poulet aux Herbes Exotiques et aux NoisettesChicken Balls with Exotic Fresh Herbs and Hazelnuts Yippee ! Summer is here ! And it is a well and truly warm summer with a picture-perfect blue sky…Wonderful weather for BBQ’s, garden parties and picnics ! You have no garden, no terrace ? Oh come on, this is indeed a very bad excuse : we have a very popular TV reality-show here in France that features people like you and me who invite other fellow amateur cooks to enjoy dinners at their homes. And at the end of each... [Lire la suite]
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