04 juillet 2010

Retour en toute simplicité...A very simple return to cooking...

Clafoutis Cerises/Amaretto à la RicottaCherry,  Amaretto and Ricotta Clafoutis I am so confused ... I do not know what to say, what excuse to find my unforgivable absence ... As you know, I had already taken a few breaks from this blog, but that long, never ...And may I dare to tell you that I am going on vacation very soon ? I am afraid my real "come-back" will have to wait until...september (OMG !). Okay, you may say, but what was the reason ?  Well, probably a bit of weariness, and the fact that I often... [Lire la suite]
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07 mai 2009

L'Italie tout simplement...Simply Italy...

Tarte Ricotta, Pignons et Menthe FraîcheRicotta, Pine Nuts and Fresh Mint Tart I simply wanted something fresh, easy to make and exotic. Mint is, by far, my favorite fresh herb, this explains why I am so fond of Thaï Cuisine which uses armfuls of them ! But today, we are not going that far, we will stay in the Mediterranean Coast with unctuous Italian Ricotta, crunchy roasted pine nuts and of course ultra-fresh Mint. A classic but terrific "ménage à trois", hehe ! Mamma Mia, I swear I could have eaten the whole tart... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2009

Aux couleurs de l'hiver indien*, You old Indian Winter**

Potato and Ricotta Indian Koftas, Tomato and Cashew sauceKoftas Indiens de Pommes de Terre et Ricotta, Sauce Tomate aux Noix de Cajou  "Indian Winter"...You know that I am not referring to the season. And by the way, what would it mean ? Unusually warm temperatures in winter ? This would be the last thing we could say here in Europe : we have been litterally freezing for over a month ! I am not sure I have already experienced such long-lasting low temperatures.And it's only mid-january ! Oh.My.God. Well,... [Lire la suite]
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