18 septembre 2013

"A la faveur de l'Automne...The flavor of Fall...

Tartelettes fines aux Cèpes, Confit d'Oignons et Magrets FumésThin Tarlets with Ceps (porcini mushrooms), Onion Confit and Smoked Duck Breast You know what one says : "turning leaves bring autumn melancholy"... It could not be more true ! People turn inward, both physically and mentally, and as for me, I am suddenly attracted by comforting dishes like today's recipe. Ceps are so "autumn" for me, and from as far as I can remember I have always loved, loved them, much more than any other mushroom. I am fascinated by their shape,... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

Tartelettes "comme un air de Provence", Tartelettes with a Provence flair

Tartelettes aux tomates et poivrons grillés, Citrons Confits et RougetsTomato and bellpepper Tartlets with Red Mullets and Preserved Lemons Can someone tell me if Spring has finally made its official arrival ? Rather than playing "hide and seek" with our nerves, it would be greatly appreciated if we could have pleasant temperatures a bit longer than three days in a row. So my dear spring season, it is really time to finally go to work ! At least, the great thing when you cook is that you can make sunny dishes whatever... [Lire la suite]
15 janvier 2007

Tatin Shallots Tartlets, Tartelettes Tatin aux échalotes

Shallots are often thought to be another variety of onion, but they are actually a species of their own.The shallot is so valued by connoisseurs that there are regular attempts to pass-off products which are not, in fact, true shallots. On January 10th 2006, the European Court of Justice decided in favour of Traditional shallot producers who were defending their product in the face of the appearance of seed varieties which possess different growing characteristics as well as substantially different taste qualities (coming mainly... [Lire la suite]
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