19 janvier 2015

Risotto d'orge perlé et féta marinée d'Ottolenghi/Ottolenghi's barley risotto with marinated feta

  Je ne suis pas vraiment fan de "graines". Pour être plus précise, lorsqu'il y en a sur les menus des restaurants, je suis ravie, je me régale, mais à la maison je ne sais pas trop par quel bout les prendre ni comment leur donner du goût. J'ai d'ailleurs le même problème avec les pâtes et le riz : un manque total de créativité pour les accommoder ! La créativité, en revanche, c'est le domaine de prédilection de Yotam Ottolenghi, mon cuisinier israélo-anglais chouchou dont j'ai déjà partagé quelques recettes sur ce... [Lire la suite]
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06 juin 2011

Salade "Farniente", littéralement/ "Farniente" Salad in its litteral meaning

Salade de Mesclun, Tomates cerises,  Artichaut, Asperges vertes et ParmesanCherry Tomato, Artichoke, Green Asparagus, Parmesan cheese and Mixed Greens salad "Farniente" : littéralement, en italien, "ne rien faire". En voilà une salade qui porte bien son nom ! Jusqu'à présent, j'avais toujours eu beaucoup de mal à publier des recettes "évidentes". Je me disais toujours : "les personnes qui me suivent n'ont pas besoin de moi pour un simple assemblage d'ingrédients. Quelle peut être ma valeur ajoutée dans la confection d'une... [Lire la suite]
27 avril 2010

Marquez un panier dès l'apéro ! Put all your wows in the same basket !

Mini-paniers apéro aux Olives Olive mini-cuttie Baskets Some puff pastry in the fridge ?  A handful olives and a can of tomato paste in your pantry ? Woohoo, good news, you have everything on hand to make those cute little baskets for a wonderful aperitive snack ! When I saw them in Christophe Felder's lattest cookbook, "Les mignardises de Christophe" (mignardise means bite-size delicacies), I found them totally irresistible ! And as Christophe is one of my favourite Pastry Chefs (I have 4 of his cookbooks, and... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2009

Step by Step : How to slow-roast Tomatoes ? Comment confire des Tomates ?

This cooking method is an amazing "natural" flavour enhancer. Not to be confused with sun-dried tomatoes which one can easily find on greenmarket stalls or even in jars in supermarkets. No, here, we are talking of tomatoes dry on the outside but still wet in the inside.The taste is close to tomato paste, it is incredible.I like to make them plain (no salt, pepper, nor dried herbs) so I can season them later, by batches, according to their future usage.And, most importantly, I peel them : even if that seems tedious and time-consuming... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2009

Tartelettes "comme un air de Provence", Tartelettes with a Provence flair

Tartelettes aux tomates et poivrons grillés, Citrons Confits et RougetsTomato and bellpepper Tartlets with Red Mullets and Preserved Lemons Can someone tell me if Spring has finally made its official arrival ? Rather than playing "hide and seek" with our nerves, it would be greatly appreciated if we could have pleasant temperatures a bit longer than three days in a row. So my dear spring season, it is really time to finally go to work ! At least, the great thing when you cook is that you can make sunny dishes whatever... [Lire la suite]
07 juin 2008

Tartare aux 3 Tomates et aux Framboises/Three-tomato Tartare with Raspberries

I came across this starter as it was mentioned on the blackboard of a new restaurant in the 10th arrondissement, close to Hubby’s pharmacy. Since I have not ordered it (I chose a delish grilled squid, but the review will come very soon), I have no idea how it looked and tasted like, but I found it so interesting that I decided to create it in my own kitchen. The idea is quite basic : to propose in the same glass, three kinds of tomatoes, different in shape, color and taste. The textures and the seasonings would also be... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2008

"Slata Mechouia"

Salade de Poivrons et Tomates grillés à l’AilRoasted Bell Peppers and Tomatoes with Garlic I am back ! My computer got rid off its numerous little viruses, but alas my foodblog paid the price for it ! The banner has disappeared in “mysteryland”, as well as the colours and some fonts. Do not worry, for you, everything seems normal, but for me (I mean on my screen) it is an horror !! sob sob !Well, back to food-related topics : My little “slata mechouia” (Slatah maychooyah). Don’t you think it sounds ... [Lire la suite]
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19 avril 2007

Petites Mousses froides de Caviar d'Aubergines et Basilic, Little Eggplant Caviar and Basil Mousses

Another recipe from my Friend Fred. I think I will soon be accused of plagiary !! I highly recommend this recipe for any person disliking eggplants, because he/she will very soon reconcile with this vegetable thanks to this very tasty cold recipe. This is my entry for next HHDD event, hosted by Tartelette. Encore une recette de Fred ! Je crois que c'est la 4ème sur ce blog, d'ici à ce qu'il m'accuse de plagiat, il n'y a qu'un pas ! Je vous la recommande fortement pour réconcilier toute personne réticente avec les... [Lire la suite]
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