23 septembre 2011

Cheese&Wine chez Fauchon

A new category for my blog today : "My Smart Reviews". This does not mean that, allof a sudden, my reviews will  become witty and very clever ! ;-) No, it is just a new sort of short, easy to read reviews with photos taken from my smartphone (hence the name). I hope you will enjoy this category, which will allow me to be more present here. Inauguration d'une nouvelle catégorie chez Foodie Froggy : "My Smart Reviews". Non que ces critiques seront forcément d'une intelligence folle, ce serait très prétentieux de ma... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2008

Eclairs au Chocolat Daring Bakers, Daring Bakers Chocolate Eclairs

Not proud at all of this month’s challenge…Nothing to do with Meeta’s choice : on the contrary, I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to make PH’s Chocolate Eclairs. No, I meant that I just spoilt it all with my ugly decorations! Where was my head when I made…this? Probably still on holidays (yes, I know, very bad excuse). Anyway, they were delicious, even though I found the Chocolate glaze extremely time-consuming compared to the ordinary glazes. But, after all, Monsieur Pierre Hermé is not an... [Lire la suite]
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