22 janvier 2010

Extra Coulants d'inspiration Pierre Hermé, Very Molten chocolate cakes with a Pierre Hermé flair

Extra Coulants "Mogador" au Chocolat au Lait, cœur de Passion"Mogador" Very Molten Milk Chocolate Cakes, Passionfruit "heart" For those of you who don't know Pierre Hermé (have you been actually living on planet earth these last ten years , lol ?), he is one of our greatest Pastry Chefs. He simply is a Master. Pierre, will you marry me ? Oops, sorry, I disgress. He is known for his creative flavor pairings, which are so institutional now that they actually have names : "Ispahan" is for... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2008

Et en lot de consolation, des Chouquettes et des Meringues !

I had told you in my last post that I had been utterly disappointed with my chocolate eclairs. But I had not said my last word !! I found an enlightening consolation to forget all about my semi failure : I have transformed the egg whites and cream puff dough leftovers into cute mini-chouquettes and lovely meringues. Ah, sweet things have such a strong healing power ! Stronger than chocolate, I can tell you ! My only problem was the sudden irruption in my kitchen of my little froggies, attracted by the decadent smell. And you... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2008

Eclairs au Chocolat Daring Bakers, Daring Bakers Chocolate Eclairs

Not proud at all of this month’s challenge…Nothing to do with Meeta’s choice : on the contrary, I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to make PH’s Chocolate Eclairs. No, I meant that I just spoilt it all with my ugly decorations! Where was my head when I made…this? Probably still on holidays (yes, I know, very bad excuse). Anyway, they were delicious, even though I found the Chocolate glaze extremely time-consuming compared to the ordinary glazes. But, after all, Monsieur Pierre Hermé is not an... [Lire la suite]
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29 juin 2008

Daring Bakers Challenge : La Tresse Danoise/Danish Braid

Danish Braid with Pierre Hermé’s Orange/Passion Fruit marmaladeTresse danoise à la marmelade orange/Passion de Pierre Hermé   Again, a great challenge ! I had never heard of laminated dough before. These DB challenge are really something ! Thanks to them, I happen to make things I would never thought I could actually complete. Thank you ! I immensely enjoyed the taste of the dough with the cardamom and orange zests. And it was the perfect occasion for me to, at last, make the famous "Satine" orange/passion fruit... [Lire la suite]
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