18 septembre 2013

"A la faveur de l'Automne...The flavor of Fall...

Tartelettes fines aux Cèpes, Confit d'Oignons et Magrets FumésThin Tarlets with Ceps (porcini mushrooms), Onion Confit and Smoked Duck Breast You know what one says : "turning leaves bring autumn melancholy"... It could not be more true ! People turn inward, both physically and mentally, and as for me, I am suddenly attracted by comforting dishes like today's recipe. Ceps are so "autumn" for me, and from as far as I can remember I have always loved, loved them, much more than any other mushroom. I am fascinated by their shape,... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2009

Plat de fêtes : Le foie gras et les cèpes s'acoquinent avec le Poulet ! Foie gras and Porcini make friends with chicken !

Blancs de Poulets farcis au Foie Gras et aux CèpesFoie gras and Porcini Stuffed Chicken Breasts This recipe is a classier (and more expensive) version of one of my big classics. Or how to impress your guests without sweating in the kitchen. It is all in the way of incising the chicken breasts in order to create a large "pocket" for the stuffing and most importantly, in the way of "mummifying" them with puff pastry strips. After baking, the result is really gorgeous, so do not hesitate to show your... [Lire la suite]
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